Superapps were supposed to revolutionize web2 products, and to some extent they did. Their true power, however, will become evident with web3.
Ideas for getting the startup product hiring right. Defining what to look for, planning the product interviews, and preparing to answer questions from…
Actionable tips for adding structure and flow to your product documentation.
Intermediate-scale quantum computers are now commercially available, and they are about to start changing the way many industries work. How might this…
Universal principles to help you become a better writer, empower your team with knowledge, and help them make sense of any mess
Ways to understand whether a startup is worth joining + a set of questions about strategy, execution, and talent which you can ask in the next interview
Reviewing the product fundamentals of a forgotten darling: what are the deep reasons why Clubhouse is turning into a haunted house?
Quick tips for startup founders on how to help their first product hire succeed
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