Hoards of people from almost every professional field are trapped in temporary careers that became permanent. Some thoughts on why this happens, and how…

November 2022

Not every successful business is a venture-scale business

October 2022

Elon is controversial. His strategy isn't — and it could create the very first web3 superapp.

September 2022

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OKRs don't work for pre-PMF startups. Here are two other frameworks that are a better fit early stage projects.

June 2022

Most new technologies are not polished, but to get web3 into the hands of the majority, developers must show more than a conviction that crypto tech can…
Many of you asked whether I could recommend any resources on writing. Here are the four books that helped me to level up my writing skills as a…
What I've been up to and what's coming.

March 2022

Superapps were supposed to revolutionize web2 products, and to some extent they did. Their true power, however, will become evident with web3.

February 2022

Ideas for getting the startup product hiring right. Defining what to look for, planning the product interviews, and preparing to answer questions from…
Actionable tips for adding structure and flow to your product documentation.
Intermediate-scale quantum computers are now commercially available, and they are about to start changing the way many industries work. How might this…